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Real Experiences, Real Results


I started training with Tonya at the end of 2016. At this stage of my life, I had gotten very overweight close to 300lbs, but as a former marine, I have always had the discipline to do what I needed to get back on track. When I started training , I had lots of hip and back pain. Six years later, I consider myself to be in great shape. Since I began, I have lost  50 pounds and I continue to lose. I am running 5K races, my hip and back pain is gone and I have met friends through the group and personal training classes I attend. Everyone is supportive and I have now increased my workouts to 4 to 5 days per week due to the network of support I get.

I am thankful for Tonya and I highly recommend

Brock C.

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I have worked out with Tonya since high school. I am a former college athlete and currently a nurse. During covid, I gained weight and wasn’t doing what I should to be healthy. My workouts consist of interval training 4 days per week. Tonya was able to give me the confidence to lose weight. She served as a mentor offering insights into maintaining a healthy mindset and building sustainable habits. I highly recommend Tonya.

Ashley P.


I have worked out with Tonya for over 20 years and it has truly changed my life. She has focused on helping me to  achieve my fitness and weight loss goals. She makes every session challenging, yet fun. My endurance, flexibility and energy has increased noticeably. She knows just how to push you when you need it. I thoroughly enjoy every workout. I highly recommend Tonya for personal training or group fitness classes

Linda M.


I had the pleasure of meeting Tonya a couple of years ago. I have always been into working out.  In the year we met, I was facing some changes; hormonal, emotional, and life challenges which put me at a stop with me beinghealthy. This led me to be depressed, overweight, and all around unhealthy. When I first meet Tonya, I explained to her, that I have always been in the gym , yet these last years have been off balance.  She asked a number of questions to see what my future goals were. Then we went to work! When I began my sessions with Tonya she created a program that worked for my skill level. As I got stronger, she increased the workouts to push me to do better!

She checks in with me weekly to see how I am doing. Also, she is very accommodating with my schedule. She makes sure I would workout and helps to hit my goals!

When I have a bad week, she is supportive as well. She talks me through to see where the week went sideways and helps me get back on track. She has brought back my passion for fitness!

Currently, my doctor said I’m probably one of the healthiest 40yr old  women that he’s had on his table in along time!

Carollee F.


I’ve been training with Tonya for over a year. She’s helped me become stronger, leaner and healthier. Every workout is unique, tailored to her clients, and pushes us to be stronger. Both individual sessions and group classes focus on each of our goals and ability levels.



Before I began training with Tonya, I struggled to find the motivation and structure needed to maintain a consistent fitness routine for several years. I was stuck in a cycle of unhealthy habits, feeling lethargic, and lacking the energy to fully engage in my daily activities. My annual health exam with results of increasing blood pressure, bone density (osteopenia), and my recent diagnosis of an autoimmune disease at the age of 57 changed everything for me. 

I thank Tonya every time I see her for helping to improve my overall health. Tonya took the time to understand my health concerns, assess my current fitness level, and tailor a personalized workout plan that would challenge me while remaining realistic and achievable. The level of expertise and personalized attention Tonya provided made all the difference. The most significant improvements I've experienced are not only my overall fitness levels, but also my overall health including consistent blood pressure readings of 109/80, reversing bone density issues such as osteopenia, and decreased inflammation from the autoimmune disease. The individually designed workouts from Tonya targeted different muscle groups and gradually increased in intensity, allowing me to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. 

Beyond the physical changes, training with Tonya has had a profound impact on my personal productivity at home and work, my focus, and overall mindset.  The encouragement, support, and motivation received from Tonya and the group members during each session extend far beyond the workouts. I've learned to appreciate the importance of a holistic approach to health, encompassing both physical and mental aspects. I am grateful for the positive impact Tonya has had on both my physical and mental well-being, and the support received from everyone who trains with Tonya.

If you're considering making a positive change in your life, training with Tonya is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. Tonya offers one complementary class so come see for yourself! 


Fitness Class

Tonya Watkins is a gifted personal trainer who is able to take her client's health, fitness and strength to new levels. She works on a specialized plan geared to meet the specific needs of each of her clients. Her clients include the nonagenarian, the ultra-marathon runner, the young bride-to-be, the obese individual, or even someone with a chronic illness looking to improve the quality of their life. Tonya will help you reach your goals with motivation, compassion, understanding friendship, and humor.

Carol D.

Fitness Group

I am writing on behalf of Tonya as well as her fitness program.

I started  personal training with Tonya in April 2020.  Everything was closed down with that tumultuous year.  I have been working out and taking her classes and others since 2005 . I am pleased with her work and how she modifies workouts according to my needs.

Last year was difficult, to say the least.  I contacted COVID, which involved several avenues to get me back to health.  This lead to bronchitis developing into pneumonia.   I then ended up having from Covid Guillaume Barres Disease.   I became paralyzed from the waist down, four blood clots to the lungs, which led to a heart attack.  I spent weeks in the hospital. Needless to say, the bar was set low for my recovery.  I had a wonderful team at Metro that helped.

When the doctors came, they informed me that I had a 5% chance for survival. The physical therapy went better than expected.  I was supposed to be paralyzed at best a year. With having the guidance of Tonya for my workouts and the high fitness level of a 69 year old they said that made a  difference in my fast recovery.

I owe much gratitude to Tonya and her workouts.  She was a godsend.

Now, I am walking, talking, and involved with my workouts with Tonya. I see her 4 days per week for cardio and weight training. I do her group and personal training and have met several other's of all ages and abilities who have become friends.

If you are looking for guidance and direction to a healthier YOU and New Year, I encourage you to try her program.

Donna E.

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